19th Tunisia Chemistry Conference

TCC 2016

18-22 December 2016, Bel Azur Hotel - Hammamet, Tunisia



Dear Readers,

Finding another name to the "Journées Nationales de Chimie" is neither a simple nor an easy job, since the JNC tells a story of more than 38 years of the life of the Tunisian Chemical Society. We have to admit that the term 'National' somehow limited the participation of chemists to neighbouring countries. The idea was to open new horizons for our 'National Days' without denigrating their contribution during this long period, and at the same time, respecting tradition and continuity relating to research in chemistry.

The Tunisia Chemistry Conference will respect the commitment of the ‘Journées Nationales de Chimie’ that are designed to allow groups of researchers to present their latest and most innovative work in various fields of chemistry.

The Tunisia Chemistry Conference has the following objectives:

• encourage linking researchers and laboratories to maintain a high level of basic and applied research,

• provide an opportunity for young researchers to express and discuss presenting the results of their research,

• help build relationships in the community of Tunisians and foreigners chemists.

• Building bridges between the mid academics and industrials

Of course, when we speak about the "Journées Nationales de Chimie" or Tunisia Chemistry Conference, we also speak about the election of the new National Bureau of the Tunisian Chemical Society for the two next years 2017-2018. So let's make it festive and joyful for the participants of the TCC 2016.

The National Bureau of the Tunisian Chemical Society


The Tunisian Chemical Society


The Tunisian Chemical Society (SCT) is a non-profit association, whose objective is to promote chemistry in its scientific, educational and applied aspects. Created in 1978, the SCT  plays a role in the development and animation of science thanks to the motivation of the members of its National Bureau, relayed by its regional sections in Bizerte, Monastir, Sfax and Gabes.

Anxious to develop the chemistry culture and to preserve both the interests of chemists and the role of chemical sciences in the society, SCT is acting for the dissemination of scientific information through the organization of various scientific events such as international conferences, congresses and specialized symposia and colloquia gathering both academics and industrialists.

The SCT publishes also a research journal since 1979 (recently 3 issues per year in english) carried out in universities and in industry. The SCT is a member of the FASC (La Fédération des Sociétés Africaines de Chimie)  since 2006; the SCT is also member of the Union Arab Chemists since 1978 and member of the IUPAC since 1990 and enjoys the status of NAO since 2010.


Tunisia Chemistry Conference 2016 Topics

TCC 2016 will cover many aspects of chemistry encompassing the following major topics (non exhaustive list):


• Organic Chemistry

• Inorganic Chemistry

• Physical Chemistry

• Analytical Chemistry

• Environment and Green Chemistry

• Water, Marine and Air Pollution

• Medicinal Chemistry and Bio Chemistry

• Nanotechnology and Materials Sciences

• Industrial and Applied Chemistry

• Catalysis and Polymer Science

• Renewable Energy and Fuels


Deadline of registration and abstracts' submissions:
15 October 2016

Acceptance, no later than:
30 October 2016

Deadline of  fees payment:
05 November 2016

Sponsors of the TCC 2016


TCC 2016

18-22 December 2016

Bel Azur Hotel Hammamet, Tunisia



Faculty of Sciences of Tunis

Department of Chemistry

University of Tunis El Manar

2092 Manar II


Phone: 00 216 71 872 600

Fax: 00 216 71 484 484










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