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Mohamed M. CHEHIMI
Mohamed M. Chehimi is Senior Research at French CNRS. He obtained a PhD in physical organic chemistry at the University Paris Diderot in 1988 and joined CNRS in 1989 for a permanent researcher position. His research is focussed on the design of reactive and functional polymer and nanocomposite coatings. He is particularly interested in developing aryldiazonium salts as new coupling agents in materials science. The applications encompass adsorbents, sensors and actuators, reactive fillers, supported catalysts, antibacterial surfaces, electronic devices and forensics. He is expert of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy analysis of a broad range of materials including polymer composites. Mohamed Chehimi has supervised over 25 PhD theses and collaborated with academic researchers from 20 countries. He is the editor of three books and guest-edited five themed issues. He has over 300 research papers, 23 book chapters and 3 patents to his credit. He serves as Executive Editor-in-Chief of Chemistry Africa (Springer Nature) and Associate Editor of Surfaces (MDPI), and reviewer for several international journals from historical publishers. He is active expert reviewer evaluating research projects submitted to well-known research agencies such as NSF, ESF, ANR, NCN, FWO and IFCEPAR.