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Caractérisation de l’huile des graines de l’orange maltaise (Citrus sinensis) poussant en Tunisie

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Triacylglycerol, fatty acid and sterol composition of fixed oil obtained from of Citrus sinensis seeds from Tunisia have been investigated. The seeds contained 17.3% fixed oil. The main TAGs were SLL (21.22%), PLL (16.21%), POL (12.80%), SOL+POO (10.97%) et OLL (10.57%). Linoleic acid (38.81%) was the dominating fatty acid followed by palmitic (26.42%) and oleic (24.63%) acids. the seeds contain 477.1 mg/100 g of total sterols with the predominance of β-sitosterol which accounted for 74.95% of the total sterol content in seed oil. The tocopherols content is 73,42 mg/Kg with the predominance of alpha tocopherol (98.8 % of total tocopherols).

I. El Mannoubi, T. Skanji, S. Barrek, H. Zarrouk

Citrus sinensis, lipides,triglycerides, fatty acids, sterols, tocopherols

Pages 31-36

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