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Relations de dépendance entre la composition acidique et triglycéridique des huiles extraites de 21 cultivars d'olivier

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The relative study to the variation of the nature, the content in fatty acid composition and content in triacylglycerol composition of olive oil has made the object of a series of works having shown the influence of the variety on contents of these composed and not on their nature. On the other hand, that on the determination of the bonds of dependence that could have exist between fatty acids and the triacylglycerol one rest again not processed clearly. The present work aims to bring elements of reply to this preoccupation and this through the estimation of the relation-ship between the fatty acid composition and the triacylglycerol composition of 21 different olive cultivars installed in an experimental field at the Olive Tree Institute in Sfax. Obtained results by GC and HPLC have confirmed the influence of the variety on the contents of these composed. The multiple correlation calculation and the determination of the multiple regression equations have shown that contents in oleic and linoleic acid depend effectively on those of the triacylglycerol products of the esterification of these acids respectively. On the other hand, the content in the palmitic acid seems to be determined both by the triacylglycerol products of esterification of this acid and the triacylglycerol products of esterification of the other acids.

H. Fourati, M. Ayadi, B. Karray, M. Khlif, M. Cossentini

olive oil, variety, fatty acid composition, triacylglycerol composition, correlations

Pages 35-40

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