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Applying solubility diagrams for recovering sodium sulfate from natural brine. Example of Sebkha El Adhibate

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The transformation of double salts recovered by solar evaporation of natural brine into commercial salts, is frequently a delicate operation. It depends on many parameters: the temperature, the quality of process water, and the composition of raw material. For studying these parameters, a pilot unit is designed and built. The salts to transform are astrakanite [Na2Mg(SO4)2.4H2O] and epsomite [MgSO4.7H2O]. The aim of this study is to design a flow sheet for producing sodium sulfate from a raw material recovered by solar evaporation of Sebkha El Adhibate natural brine.

A. M’nif, L. Zayani, R. Rokbani

transformation of double salts, natural brine, astrakanite, epsomite

Pages 289-299

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