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A dimeric Lindqvist-type polyoxoanion: New synthetic route and structure of (nBu4N)4[(TaW5O18)2O].

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The condensed polyoxometalate (nBu4N)4[(TaW5O18)2O] was synthesized by reacting [TaW5O19]3- with BuSnCl3 or PhCOCl. The compound crystallized from its acetonitile solution and was characterised by elemental analysis, IR spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction. The crystallographic study of (nBu4N)4[(TaW5O18)2O] shows that the dimer is composed from two polyoxoanions fragments linked by a Ta-O-Ta bridge.

F. Bannani, H. Driss, M. Debbabi, R. Thouvenot

Polyoxometalates, polyoxoanion, dimer, X-ray structure, IR

Pages 85-91

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