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Synthesis of a gradient mesh crystal of the formula Cox Ni1-xO - C.F.C. - (0 ⩽ x ⩽ 0,4)

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The floating zone technique was used for growing f c c cobalt-Nickel oxide single crystal with a gradient in the lattice parameter. The crystal was characterized by energy dispersive X-Ray microanalysis and by Auger electron spectroscopy from longitudinal (100) clevage. Composition along z growth axis was determined using an equation tested with homogeneous f e c solid solutions Cox N1-xO grew and analysed by the same techniques. Dependance of the composition on z was not found to be strictly linear. 

A. Jouini, L.C. Dufour 

Pages 1-5

Study of the stability of copper (I) complexes with various sulphur molecules in acetonitrile

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The stability of complex formed between cuprous chloride and various sulphur donor molecules has been determined in acetonitrile, a solvent where copper (I) is stable. While the molecules of the thiourea type (S = C) form stable complexes, those of the thioether type (C - S - C) form unstable complexes. 

M. Dachraoui, J. Vedel 

Pages 7-18

Physiochemical and structural study of the metal complexes of L - ß-phenylalanine

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Synthesis of new solid state complexes of L - ß-phenylalanine (general formula (Lphe)2M, nH2O) is reported. pH metric and spectropho-tometric measurements show changes in the solution containing Lphe and M2 + in terms of the neutralization ratio of Lphe and allow us to precise the best conditions for preparation of these solid state complexes. The compounds were submitted to thermochemical analysis. When possible crystalline parameters have been calculated from powder Xray diffraction data. The influence of hygrometry on the hydration equilibrium is examined. 

T. M’hiri, A. Demaret, G. Lapluye 

Pages 19-33

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