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Contribution to the study of Tunisian medicinal plants. Identification of the phenolic acids of Globularia Alypum L. by two-dimensional C.C.M. and H.P.L.C. 

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The leaves, stalks and roots of Globularia alypum L., have been examined. Ten phenolic acids have been identified: eight by two dimensional TLC and the remainder by reverse phase HPLC using an internal standard. Seven of these acids have not previously been reported. 

B. Ben Hassine, A.M. Bui, Z. Mighri 

Pages 3-10

Experimental study of concrete solar collectors

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The search for low cost warm water producing systems with sun energy led us to build flat solar collectors made of concrete. A water - heating device with natural circulation of water has been studied. The tests achieved on the apparatus and its performances are described. Our first results suggest some further improvements to be affected in the device. 

A. Bellagi, A. Ganne, J. Piro, P. Pierson, J. Hamida, M. Azaiez 

Pages 11-24

Chemical engineering and solar energy: Sizing and performance estimation of an evaporator operated by the sun

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The coupling of a flat-plate collectors with evaporators has been studied to realize a pilot plant working during sunshine. The optimisation of evaporator-flat-plate collector assembly with classical models in transient regime leads to a prohibitive method of calculation. So it is necessary to search an adapted methodology using chemical engineering and meteorology sunshine models. 

R. Bes, S. Gabsi, J.C. Mora, M. Bouabdallah 

Pages 25-36

Study of the solid-liquid equilibrium of the LiPO3 - Be(PO3)2 systems; NaPO3 - Be(PO3)2 and KPO3 - Be(PO3)2

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Study of MrPO3 - Be(PO3)2 systems where Mr = Li, Na, K, with D.T.A. technique shows the existence of five compounds :
LiBe(PO3)3, Na4Be(PO3)6, NaBe(PO3)3, K2Be(PO3)4 and KBe(PO3)3 ; only Na4Be(PO3)6 is melting congruently. The chemical preparation and crystal data of these new compounds are given. The Weissenberg camera is used to determine the unit cell of LiBe(PO3)2 which is monoclinic: 
a: 14,713(4) A      b: 28,122 (5)A 
c: 10,075 (2) Å     ga: 97,12 (4) degrés 

K. Omezzine, N. Kbir-Ariguib. 

Pages 37-45

Chromatographic extraction of uranium

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Extraction data of Uranium in nitric medium are obtained with a copolymer styrene / divinylbenzene containing the di (ethyl - 2) hexyl phosphoric acid (HDEHP) as selective extractant. For this newly developed material, HDEHP losses are negligible, equilibrium is reached quickly and exchange phenomenon is reversible. 

B. Hamrouni (Ex. Jemli), A. Billon 

Pages 47-52

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