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Using the CH3 radical issued from electrochemical oxidation of CH3COO- in a deshydrodimerization reaction

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Methyl radical issued from electrochemical oxidation reactivity of acetate ions in isobutyronitrile allow hydrogen removal reactions from the later. Nevertheless the yields in condensed products are low because of preferable evolution of CH3 radicals according to Holbe dimerization reaction.

M. Ben Abderrahman, E. Laurent

Pages 17-21

Photolysis of pyrazolenines having ketonic function

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The photolysis of a C5-ketonic pyrazolenine has enabled us to demonstrate the intermediary of a ketovinylcarbene. This intermediate constitutes a step in competition between stabilization of the carbene and a Wolff rearrangement. Similarly, we have shown that cyclopropenes having a ketonic function on the double bond can be obtained by photolysis of pyrazolenines having an acetyl substituent on C5 position.

A. Khemiss

Pages 23-29

Vapor water diffusion in pores of activated alumina

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This work deals with a theoretical and experimental investigation of absorption kinetics of water vapor on activated alumina. Experimental results are interpreted with an isothermal diffusion model. A comparison between theory and experiments allows a determination of the effective diffusion "De" in the pose system.

M. Baguenne, A. Bellagi

Pages 31-38

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