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Extension of the concept of basic acidity for the interpretation of the transformation of benzyl alcohol and its derivatives

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The reaction of benzyl alcohol, benzyl chloride or dibenzyl ether witch sulfuric acid, tin (IV) chloride or cation exchange resin (in the H from) leads to a polymer. The definition of "protonic" or "carbocationic" acids is proposed. This new formulation agrees with ail the observed results. 

T. Mhiri, J.L. Janier Dubry 

Pages 3-15

V5S8-based cathode materials

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The amount of lithium chemically incorporated in the host structure of V5S8 by reaction with n butyllithium is, 1,4 Li/V (C = 370 Ah Kg ). By electrochemical process (galvanostatic technique) only 0,2 Li/V are inserted (C = 56 Ah kg ) The substitution of vanadium by iron retains the structure of V5S8, but the capacity of system decreases with the quantity of iron substituted.

F. Dalard, D. Daroq, A. Sellami

Pages 29-35

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