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Oxidation electrocatalysis of secondary alcohols

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Anodic oxidation of secondary alcohols is carried out at the iodide oxidation potential. Corresponding ketones are obtained with variable yields depending on the medium composition. In some conditions, the condensation product is formed parallel with ketones. Mechanisms are proposed to account for the results obtained.

F. Matoussi-M'halla

Pages 3-7

Hydrogenation of carbon monoxide: Effect of copper on catalytic properties of ruthenium

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Catalytic hydrogenation of CO over supported Ru and Ru-Cu catalysts was studied. The effect of metal particle size on the catalytic properties of Ru was discussed. It has been shown that addition of Cu to Ru catalyst alters the catalytic behaviour of the noble metal through both germetrical and hydrogenant effects.

M.N. Kalai, A. Ghorbel

Pages 9-14

Comparative study of the catalysts Cr2O3-Al2O3, NaYCr and Cr2O3Si O2 in the interaction of NO with hydrocarbons

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Chromium oxide, supported on alumina or silica aerogels, or incorporated into NaY zeolite, is tested as catalyst in the interaction of NO with hydrocarbons (C3 and C4). The results are compared and interpreted taking into account both the nature of the support and the E.S.R. data obtained with different samples in experimental conditions very close to those used for the catalytic tests.

J. Aroua, H. Zarrouk, A. Ghorbel

Pages 15-22

Review: On the structure of micelles and their properties

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Over recent years, a great importance bas been focused on structure and properties of micelles, and ampliphilic products have been widely used in different sections of industry (mining, pharmaceutics, mineral recovery...) This paper is a report of some works related to that subject.

Y. Derbali

Pages 39-48

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