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Synthesis, structural, and infrared studies of tris(2-ammonioethyl)aminium chloride hexachlorobismuthate (III): {(C2H4NH3)3NH}4+. Cl-. [BiCl6]3-

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A new organic-inorganic hybrid material, tris(2-ammonioethyl)aminium chloride hexachlorobismuthate(III); {(C2H4NH3)3NH}4+. Cl-. [BiCl6]3-, has been synthesized and characterized by X-Ray diffraction, SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) and IR spectroscopy. The molecule adopts a trigonal (P -31c) cell with the lattice parameters a=10.400(3) Å, c=24.927(6) Å and Z=4. The structure exhibits isolated [BiCl6]3- octahedra leading to a 0D SBU (Secondary Building Unit) anionic network (quantum dots). The crystal cohesion is achieved by hydrogen bonds N-H…Cl between the trigonal organic molecules {(C2H4NH3)3NH}4+ , [BiCl6]3- octahedra and the isolated Cl- anions. Theoretical calculation using the PM3 approach for studying the IR vibrational spectra, shows a good agreement between observed spectrum and calculated one.

H. Ferjani, H. Boughzala, A. Driss

Bismuth (III) complex, Zero-dimensional structure, IR spectroscopy

Pages 203-209

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