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Etude des propriétés complexantes de dérivés du benzimidazole vis-à-vis de quelques cations métalliques

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In this work, we synthesized the 2-mercapto (2-mercaptobenzimidazolyl) benzimidazole (L) and studied its chelating properties with respect to copper (II) and silver (I). Their characterization will made by NMR 1H, NMR 13C, IR and mass spectrometry.A theoretical study carried out by the means of program AM1 of the MOPAC contained in Chem Office 2002, was made to determine dimensions, the geometry and the load of the various atoms of the ligand (L) and to determine the sites of coordination ML. The study made by IR and UV spectroscopy, on the complexation of the copper (II) and silver (I) by the 2-mercapto-(2-mercaptobenzimidazolyl) benzimidazole, showed that the formed complexes are ML in the case of Cu (II) and ML2 for Ag (I). Their formation constant will be determined. It is noted that the geometris of coordination around the atoms of Cu (II) and Ag (I) are tetrahedral.

A. Salhaji, K. El Kacemi, A. Moussaif, Z. Qafas, L. Brohmi, R. Zniber, M. El Ghoul, R. Achour

Complexation, benzimidazol, metal cation, IR spectroscopy, UV spectroscopy

Pages 51-60

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