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Composition chimique de l’huile des graines d’Onopordon nervosum subsp. Platylepis Murb (Astéracées)

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The chemical composition of the seed oil obtained from Onopordon nervosum subsp. platylepis Murb, endemic of Tunisia was determined. The seed oil was composed of eight acids; the predominant components were linoleic, oleic and palmitic. Nine triacylglycerols were identified; the major compounds are LLL, LLO and LLP with respectively 30.1%, 20.3% and 14.6%. The sterols constitute 0.13% of the oil, sitosterol and ∆-7 stigmastenol being the main constituents. The alpha tocopherol was identified with a concentration of 599 mg/kg of seed oil.

S.F. Hachicha, S. Barrek, T. Skanji, Z.G. Ghrabi, H. Zarrouk

Onopordon nervosum, fatty acids, triacylglycerols, sterols, alpha-tocopherol

Pages 23-28

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