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Bis-2,2’-(2-octyloxyphénoxy)-diéthyl éthers polyfonctionnels: Synthèse et extraction des cations alcalins

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This paper is a contribution to the synthesis of functionalized bis-2,2'-(2-octyloxyphenoxy)-diethyl ether (RO5). Nitro, acetamido, bromo and cyano groups were fixed on the aromatic rings. Novel di and tétra substituted derivatives of RO5 were synthesized. The substituted ligands were characterized by IR, UV, 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR and MS. Furthermore, we have tested these molecules for their complexing properties for alkali cations by the determination of extraction equilibrium constants (Kex) and the complexation constants (Kc).

N. Drissi, F. Meganem

Bis-2,2'-(2-octyloxyphenoxy)-diethyl ether, Functionalization, Extraction, Complexation

Pages 187-198

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