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Synthèse et caractérisation des complexes phosphorylés de Zn(II) et Cd(II) par RMN

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Two new complexes Cd[Et2NP(O)F2]4(ClO4), and Zn[Et2NP(O)F2]4(ClO4)2 have been synthesized and characterized by multinuclear NMR (31P, 19F and 113Cd). The results obtained showed a correlation between the nature of the substituents around the P atom and the reactivity of the P = X sites towards cadmium and zinc for E = O and E = S.

M. A. M. Khouna, M.T. Ben Dhia, M.M. Chaabouni, A. Baklouti, M.R. Khaddar

Diethylaminodifluorophosphine oxide, Metallic cations, Coordination chemistry, NMR

Pages 137-144

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