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Synthèse et étude physico-chimique de fluoroapatites mixtes à cations bivalents Pb-Cd, Pb-Sr et Sr-Cd

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A continuous series of solid solutions Pb-Sr and two partially series Pb-Cd and Sr-Cd fluoroapatites, has been prepared in aqueous medium. They were characterized by X-ray diffraction, infrared absorption spectroscopy and chemical analyses. The obtaining of total solid solutions is assigned to the similarity of cationic lead and strontium radii. However for the two other systems the difference of cationic size as well as the strong polarisability of the cations limit the miscibility to 50% Cd atoms for one and 60% for the other. The lattice parameters a, c and the volume v, vary linearly with the atorm% of the cation substituted.

A. Hamad, B. Badraoui, M. Debbabi

Fluoroapatite, cationic substitution, solid solution, X-ray-diffraction

Pages 115-124

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