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Détermination des hydrocarbures aromatiques dans les moules de la lagune de Bizerte (Tunisie)

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Mussels samples, which are considered bioindicateurs of pollution, were collected from three mytiliculture stations in Bizerte lagoon, situated in the extreme north of Tunisia during two seasons (summer and winter). The aim of this study is to determine total aromatic hydrocarbons and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in mussels samples to evaluate the state of pollution in Bizerte lagoon. Among 21 PAHs analysed 16 are included in the priority pollutants list of the US Environmental protection Agency (EPA). PAHs and total hydrocarbons was carried out respectively by GC-MS and Fluorescence-UV. Analysis of total mussel flesh in samples collected from Bizerte lagoon show that PAHs are low and variable and concentrations of total aromatic hydrocarbons are less than 100 μg/g (dry weight).

N. Mzoughi, M. Dachraoui, J. P. Villeneuve, C. Cattini, A. El Abed, S.J. De Mora

PAH, aromatic hydrocarbons, mussels, Bizerte lagoon, GC-MS, UV-F

Pages 87-93

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