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Influence de divers facteurs relatifs à l'oxydation électrochimique du Cr(III) en Cr(VI) sur les rendements chimique et faradique

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The objective of this work is to adapt, in industrial domain, the parameters that influence the electrochemical oxidation of the Cr(III) in Cr(VI) such as the quantity of electricity, the concentration of the trivalent chromium, the nature of the medium (sulphate or chloride), the temperature and pH of reactional medium. The results obtained from the experimental design show the important influence of pH, the ionic medium and temperature on the chemical yield (RC), whereas the quantity of electricity, the nature and the pH of the medium have an important influence on faradic yield (RF).

A. Ouejhani, F. Hellal, M. Dachraoui, G. Lallevé, J.F. Fauvarque

Electrochemical oxidation, chromium(III), chromium(VI), chemical yield, faradic yield, experimental design, chemometrics

Pages 77-86

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