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Adsorption de Pb(II), Cd(II) ET Cu(II) en solution par la zéolite Na-P1

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Zeolite Na-P1 obtained by hydrothermal treatment from Aidoudi clay (south of Tunisia) has been used to adsorb Pb2+, Cd2+ and Cu2+ from aqueous solutions. Isothermal exchange curves have been determined at 25°C and pH 2, 3.5 and 5. They have been interpreted by the Langmuir model. Equilibrium constants related to the exchange of H+, Na+ and the different cations have been determined.

A. Baccouche, E. Srasra, M. El Maaoui

Na-P1 zeolite, isothermal exchange, heavy metals, Aidoudi clay

Pages 837-849

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