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Liquéfaction du bois en deux étapes : Solvolyse et raffinage

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Wood powder was completely dissolved in acidified phenol or phenol tetralin mixture. The oil obtained, so called "solvolysis oil" was hydrogenated in presence of different catalysts NiMoS, CoMoS, NiW, zeolite, at temperature of 330-410°C and 30 bar. The NiMoS favorizes the production of light fractions. The hydrogenation was also performed on the residue of distillation of the solvolysis oil in presence of NiMoS and tetralin as carrier solvent, at 350°C with hydrogen pressure in the range 30-90 bar. The hydrogenated oil is free flowing at room temperature, it is also rich in aromatic and phenolic compounds. Its oxygen content is around 1% and the HHV 43 MJ/kg when to the initial pressure of hydrogen is 90 bar.

S. Ammar, R. Capart, M. Benzina

Pages 801-808

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