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Dibenzo-16-couronnes-5 polyfonctionnelles. Synth├Ęse et extraction des cations alcalins

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This research is a contribution to the synthesis of multifunctionalized dibenzo-16-crown-5. The functions bromo, nitro and nitrile were fixed on the aromatic rings. A new series of mono, di, tri and tetra substituted derivatives of the DB-16-C-5 were synthesized. Aromatic rings were substituted with one or two different functions. This has led to the following derivatives : dibromo, dinitro, tetranitro, dicyano, dibromodinitro and bromo dinitrodibenzo-16-crown-5. The substituted crowns were characterized by 1H-NMR, IR, UV, MS and elemental analysis. Likewise, we have tested these crowns for their complexing properties and the extraction of alkali cations.

F. Ammari, T. Mhamdi, G. Jaouen, F. Meganem

dibenzo-16-crown-5, synthesis, functionalization, extraction

Pages 771-782

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