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Effect of Squeeze Casting pressure on microstructure and mechanical properties of recycled aluminum alloy

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The present study investigated the effect of pressure variation during squeeze casting on the microstructural properties of recycled aluminum alloy. Our aim was to find a compromise between the microstructural and mechanical experimental results taking into account the effect of cooling rate. The results of microstructural observations by optical and scanning electron microscopy (SEM), showed a steady increase in the microstructural characteristics of the samples with the application of a 100MPa external pressure evidenced by a significant refinement of the grain size of the alloy. The mechanical analysis involved hardness (HV) and tensile tests showed an improvement with application of pressure under 100MPa. However, a sharp decrease observed with higher applied pressures up to about 150MPa, in that the grain growth and the high concentration of the linear and intrinsic defects on the alloy during molding caused the damage of the sample.

A. Chérif, S. Souissi, M. Ben Amar, C. Bradai, M. khitouni

squeeze casting, cooling rate, microstructure, mechanical proprieties

Pages 198-207

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