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Thin layers of Cu and in sulphides: Spray method preparation and determination of composition by electrochemical methods

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We have studied by electrochemical analytical methods the composition of CuInS2 thin layers prepared by spray of the solution Cu (I) In (III) and thiourea. The amounts of copper and indium are determined by differential pulse polarography after dissolution of thin layers in HCl 5 mol/L solution. The sulphur is determined in closed circuit as H2S, by bipotentiometry using two indicator platinum electrodes. In order to obtain thin layers stoichiometry, concentration ratios [Cu (I)] / [In (III)] = 1,1 and [Thiourea] / [In (III)] = 3 in the pulverization solution are used.

M. Mnari, M. Dachraoui, S. Belgacem, H. Latrous

Pages 45-53

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